The June 30 Day Challenge Is Done!!!

Hi All,

The room is done, well almost done!!!! The 30 days is up, and it has been a challenge.  Wow, I think my biggest challenge was time.  Between traveling, entertaining company and a major storm Monday night, I really had to push myself to finish this one.

In case you’re wondering, I join Serena at Thrift Diving June 30 Day Room Challenge series to motivate myself to complete this room.  The challenge was to transform one room in your house, and I chose my daughter’s old room.  I decided to change it into a guest room/craft room. I am still embarrassed to show you guys the “before” pictures, but here it is.



A hot mess….right!  First, I  cleared out the room, and that was a huge task.  I believe that took the longest because at some points I wanted to give up.  It was just too much.

IMG_4447 (2)

Clearing this space allowed me to clear my head and think about my layout instead of thinking about how messy it was.  Here is what it looks like now…..READY


IMG_4592 Edited

This is my craft/sewing area.  I reused the bookshelf that was already in the room to anchor the desk.  Remember I found the long white board in the garage?  Well, that became my desk top.  The other white shelves came from a local thrift store and I purchased them for $10 total.  I lucked up on a 50% off sale.  Remember the frames were my mother-in-law’s collection except for the one in the middle.  I purchased that one from Blicks Art store on clearance for $9.00.

Next is the guest area….Check out the “before” pictures…..


Again….a hot mess.


IMG_4584 Edited

IMG_4587 Edited





IMG_4595 Edited

I arranged the bed similar to a day bed and added lots of pillows… pillows.  The pillow inserts are 26 x 26, 22 x 22 and 16 x 16.  The fabric is leftover fabric from other projects.  I think my most expensive item was the garden stool for $30 at Ross.  I just had to get it because I was in love with the color and it fits perfect in this spot.

The lamp was for my in-laws. It was the 70’s orange and I decided to paint it.  Oh, and I can’t forget the side table.  This was purchased at the Goodwill for only $5, and didn’t have to do anything with it.

I am so happy with what I’ve accomplish and it really has a peaceful feel when I walk in.

IMG_4557 Edit

I still have a few little items I would like to add such as a desk lamp, but I’m in love with this room. I’m so thrilled I joined this challenge because now I have a lovely room I can create in.

What do you guys think?













Weekend Update

Hi All

This was a busy weekend.  The Guess room/craft room project was my priority because I only had 4 days to complete  tons of project….OMG! I  worked long hours every night and on top of this, my daughter is in town.  I got a chance to spend some time with her, but she helped out by spending time with her brother.  They had a great weekend together at the beach.  Well, today is the last day and here’s what I’ve done so far.


I decided to assign Friday night to painting the projects. I painted frames I found in the basement gold, white and silver, and I  think the color combination works well together.

This tray was from a gift I received at my last baby shower.  I just couldn’t toss it because I knew I could use it, so I stored it in his closet.  Well, that time has come.  I painted the sides metallic gold. Always re-purpose unused items and save some money.

The lamp was another item that was in the basement.  It was a 70’s orange and the base was brown….I’m sure it was stylish 40 years ago.  I’ve decided to paint it white to give it a fresh look and the base gold.  I’m really loving this combination because it gives a classic feel.

Well, Saturday was for sewing.  All of this fabric was leftover from other projects, so I didn’t have to spend any extra money.  I purchased 26 x 26 pillows from Hobo for only $7.00 each….not bad.

As you know, today is the last day of the June 30 day challenge and I still have a couple of small projects to complete. I’m so glad I challenged myself and tackle this room. I love how the room is coming alone and I can’t wait to show you guys.

Family Room Redo

My husband and I wanted to track our home transformation projects to really get a glimpse of our blended styles.  I have me own style (modern w/a touch of color) and my husband has his style (color everywhere).  Most of the time it could be really difficult to blend.  My husband is very opinionated.

We decided to redo our family room because that’s the room we spend the most of our time.  We eat, play, entertain and watch TV in this room.  My husband and I love to entertain.  When we lived in New Orleans, in a 14oo sf townhouse we always had guess over for dinner.  I believe the space worked because the layout was more open.  It’s hard to have a large group here because we feel like everyone is on top of each other and I was always embarrassed about the decor because I know it didn’t represent us, we inherited it from his parents.  Now my mother-in-law had great taste (she was a gifted artist), and I absolutely love some of her pieces, but we wanted to update the home to represent our union.

Here’s a couple of  pictures of our family room.  As you can see, we have black carpet, 1970s dark lighting, country style wooden chairs and a black leather sofa.  I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the room when the leather sofa was in here.  This picture was taken the night before demo day with my phone camera, so please excuse the quality and mess.

Family RoomFamily room

Family RoomFamilyroom  1970's lighting

As you can see, it’s really dated and dark. So we decided to pull the paneling down, remove the ceiling tiles, change the flooring and remove the large closet that takes up too much space, but first is demo day.

I have a couple of pictures of our demo and I can not believe what we found behind one of the walls.

Demo02   Demo03  Demo

Demo01  Demo06

My little one jumped in the picture.

I’m so excited about this project, I’m sure the changes will open it up a bit.