Weekend Update

Hi All

This was a busy weekend.  The Guess room/craft room project was my priority because I only had 4 days to complete  tons of project….OMG! I  worked long hours every night and on top of this, my daughter is in town.  I got a chance to spend some time with her, but she helped out by spending time with her brother.  They had a great weekend together at the beach.  Well, today is the last day and here’s what I’ve done so far.


I decided to assign Friday night to painting the projects. I painted frames I found in the basement gold, white and silver, and I  think the color combination works well together.

This tray was from a gift I received at my last baby shower.  I just couldn’t toss it because I knew I could use it, so I stored it in his closet.  Well, that time has come.  I painted the sides metallic gold. Always re-purpose unused items and save some money.

The lamp was another item that was in the basement.  It was a 70’s orange and the base was brown….I’m sure it was stylish 40 years ago.  I’ve decided to paint it white to give it a fresh look and the base gold.  I’m really loving this combination because it gives a classic feel.

Well, Saturday was for sewing.  All of this fabric was leftover from other projects, so I didn’t have to spend any extra money.  I purchased 26 x 26 pillows from Hobo for only $7.00 each….not bad.

As you know, today is the last day of the June 30 day challenge and I still have a couple of small projects to complete. I’m so glad I challenged myself and tackle this room. I love how the room is coming alone and I can’t wait to show you guys.


Restyled Office Chair

I found this interesting chair last month at the thrift store and I though it would be a nice office desk chair, but I needed to spruce it up a bit.  The existing fabric had to go.  See post here.

Well After searching and searching, I found this nice fabric at one of my local fabric stores for $35 a yard.  Now, I know that’s expensive especially for me and it took me a loooooonnnng time to walk up to the cutting table, but I decided to go for it.  Especially since I really didn’t need much for this project, and it’s so pretty.  I purchased a yard only because I may use the rest for another project, maybe a pillow.  I only used 1/2 yard for the chair because of the print.  I wanted the blue design to be the center of the seat.

First, I removed the seat from the base by removing the 4 screws at the bottom. Second, I removed some of the staples in the corners and cut away some of the fabric.  I didn’t remove all of the fabric because I wanted to have more cushion. Then, I sized the fabric with the seat cushion, cut and stapled with a heavy-duty staple gun.

It also took me the longest to figure out if I should paint this wood, but I think it will look fresh and modern with a nice coat of paint.

IMG_2255 IMG_2291

I decided to use white eggshell paint I already had in stock.  I applied the first coat and I always question my decision at this point. Should I have used spray paint? Should I have used a different brush? Should I have just left it alone?  I have to keep telling myself “You have another coat” keep going.

First, I used a cheap sponge paint brush and it didn’t apply well, so I decided to use a roller brush and the application looked much better.  I applied 3 coats to this bad boy.

Finally, I attached the seat cushion back to the base and viola!!!  My little desk chair.


This project only cost $25.  Not bad for a one of a kind chair. What do you think?