Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!!!!

How was your weekend and to the mother’s, how was your Mother’s Day?

It was beautiful here in the midwest…perfect weather.  We spent our Saturday downtown…walking Michigan Avenue, catching a movie, and eating at one of my favorite restaurant, Heaven on Seven.

We took the little one to the Disney Store on Michigan Avenue and decided to catch the Spiderman movie after lunch.  My husband and I fell asleep in the middle of the movie, I think it was because we had such a big lunch.  Well, I don’t know because the guy behind us fell asleep as well….LOL. 

Well, I love taking pictures of food, so I have a few for you.  To my surprise, Heaven on Seven was having a crawfish boil…..you know I love crawfish.  I was hesitate to try because I really haven’t had any good crawfish from a restaurant here, so I decided to just try an appetizer, one pound. Well, it was soooooo good, I should have known they would do it right.   On top of the crawfish, my husband decided to get the all you can eat buffet, which included red beans & rice, black eye peas & rice, gumbo, catfish, chicken fingers, cole slaw and greens.  It was just too much. You see why we fell asleep.