My Jerk Chicken Kabobs

Hi All,

20140705_203527 Kabobs Edit

I just love cooking outdoors and when I grill chicken, I almost always use my jerk sauce.  Now, this isn’t an authenic jerk sauce, but I love the taste of it.  I marinade cubed chicken breast for 24 hours in the following:

Olive oil, apple cider vinegar, lime juice, brown sugar, serano peppers, scallions, cilantro, thyme, red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, ginger, allspice, a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg, and salt.

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I cubed pineapples, red onions and sweet peppers and arranged on the skewer.

20140705_200450 Chicken Edit

I cook on each side for about 6 to 8 minutes. I like this with either a side of black beans & rice or cold pasta salad.





Laissez les Bons temps rouler !!!!!

Let the Good Times Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, it’s Carnival time!!!

I enjoyed spending time with my dad’s side of the family on Mardi Gras because they knew how to party.  New Orleans is such a unique place. Following the Mardi Gras Indians, second line at Orleans & Claiborne, food on the grill, and dancing in the streets.

On Mardi Gras day my family would pack up the grill and the food they prepared the night before and head out to the parade route 7:00am….yes, am. We couldn’t miss the Zulu parade which starts around 8:30am.  Different parades run all day long, so we had to bring food and make it a picnic.  We had sandwiches, red beans & rice, hot dogs, hamburgers, bbq ribs, chicken, jambalaya and sometimes crawfish (depends on what day the season falls on).  This reminds me of Mardi Gras.

Happy Labor Day!!!

Happy Labor day everyone!  For me Labor Day is the last Holiday to BBQ….. 😦

Jerk Chicken


This is my version of Jerk Chicken.

I marinated the chicken over night in olive oil, red wine vinegar, red pepper flakes, thyme, cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice, Cajun season, lime juice, two jalapeno peppers sliced, and salt & pepper.  Next day, just simply place on the grill my lovely husband prepared for me. 

Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day!!!

I may do a little online shopping to take advantage of some of the great sales out there.