Treasure Tuesday

Hi All,

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Did you miss me?  I know it’s been a while, but I’m here…..I here now (Oprah voice).  I’m here with another treasure found at the Goodwill.  With this digital age we live in now, some of us do not use books anymore.  Actually I found myself at the books store today and I picked up this interesting book and put it back because I figured I would get it cheaper on my Kindle.  Well, I was in Goodwill a couple of weeks ago and decided to check out the book section.  I don’t formally go there because it’s usually a crowd in this section and I don’t have the energy to argue with another over space, so just avoid the section.  Well, this day it was empty, so why not check it out.  Some of my favorite books to buy are cookbooks so naturally that’s what I was looking for and I found these two.

Thrifty Treasures


Have you ever taken off the protective cover?  You should because the colors of books are beautiful and they make great decorative pieces.

Thrifty Treasures 02

I used mine on my little side table to add a little more color to the room.  Now, I know they’re cookbooks and they belong in the kitchen, but they are pretty where they are for now.

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Oh, by the way, these books were only $.50 each. A very inexpensive accessory with a lot of impact.




Shrimp & Coconut Curry

Hi All!

Shrimp and Coconut Curry

I have another delicious recipe for you guys with shrimp, but I can’t take credit for this one.  I found this on Facebook and it looked so good, I just had to try it and I will be adding this to my collection….Love it!.

You can find the recipe here at Salpy’s International Kitchen.  I paired it with Naan bread which was purchased at the grocery store, but warmed it with butter and cilantro.

This recipe is very easy to follow and I did not make any alterations. The ingredients needed are found at any grocery store.   If you like curry, you have to try this recipe.


Possible Garden this Summer

The weather has got me so excited about being outside.  it’s over 60 degrees all week!!!!

This summer, I plan to have a herb, vegetable and flower garden.  I’ve always wanted to see if I can maintain my own garden just as my grandmother when I was growing up.  Her garden was beautiful and it was inviting.  The colors of the flower and fruit pulled you in.  Well, after I got passed the tree that made me sneeze every time I passed it, it was all good.  She had a fig tree, a Japanese plum-tree (we would sit in it and eat the plums) and an orange tree (it died later).  She also grew bay leaves, peppers and at one time corn.  In addition to these, she also had beautiful flowers and plants.  She would spend her time daily maintaining her garden and you better not make a mistake and step in it.   She called it her relaxing and exercise time. Sometimes spending the entire day picking weeds. 

I’ve noticed how a beautiful flower would make me smile, so I want to try to create that peace for me and possibly pass on good memories of Mom’s beautiful garden to my children.

As you know, I do not have a green thumb, but I believe it’s because I haven’t spent the time to take care of my plants….well that’s what I tell  myself.  This time, I’m turning over a new leaf. I’ve been researching small gardens and  I will schedule time weekly to maintain my space.  I am proud to announce my orchid is still alive…lol, but I will start small.  I plan to build a small raised garden like this


Raised Garden Beds: How to Build  Raised garden beds are fairly easy to construct and even easier to maintain. Here is advice on how to build raised garden beds for your backyard.

 My plan is to plant tomatoes, bell peppers, lettuce and possibly onions.  I hope I’m not being too ambitious.

Do any of you have a garden?


What’s Up Everyone!


I was donating some clothing to the Thrift Store and couldn’t resist taking a stroll down a few isles to see what they had.  All I could find was these little dishes.  I love white dishes because they highlight your food.  I’ve spent less than $3.50 on all pieces.

Thrifty Treasures 03

When I removed the price tag and cleaned them, I discovered they are Crate & Barrel bowls.

Thrifty Treasures 05


These can be used as serving dishes for sauces or ice cream.  They can even be used to hold your everyday jewelry.  For $.39 and $.79 you can not beat it.

I used them to hold the olives for this snack tray.

snack 01 edit



Pillow Change for Spring

Hi All!

As you may know by now, I love sewing pillows and I can change my mind often especially when the seasons change.  Since spring is creeping in, I thought about adding more color to my house.  I’m starting with this fabric I was drawn to  in the fabric store.  I love the colors in it.


The colors just jump out at me and I like the two different prints together.  It just seems to work.

greenandblue pillow 03

IMG_3914 edit

I just made one pillow so far to see how it would look in the room.  Hopefully, I will be able to make the rest this weekend and show you the final look next week. What do you think about the fabric.

Another note, one day I will get the courage to recover this chair.  It upholstery needs to change.



A Touch of Spring

Hi All!


This past weekend we experienced a little touch of Spring weather… hit 60 degrees!!!!! Woohoo!  I was so excited I decided buy some flowers to brighten up the family room. The spring season and the sun does that for me.   It’s amazing how the site of flowers in a vase could make you smile for a moment.  I love that feeling especially in the world we live in.


I found these 1/2 dozen tulips at Wal-Mart for only $3.00.  You can’t beat the price for all of the smiles.

A few weeks ago I purchased an orchid and hopefully I can take care of it. I got a few tips from Home for Now.  Well, so far so good.

Fireplace Mantel Edit

Can I tell you this mantle has been a challenge.  I keep changing it to figure out what works for me, and I think it’s missing something.  What do you think?



So Excited about Sewing

Hi Everyone!

I really apologize for the absents.  I realize how much I rely on technology when it’s a problem.  I’ve been having issues with uploading and saving pictures in my photo library on my new laptop from my camera , so please forgive the quality of the pictures in this post from my cell phone.

Well,  for the past couple of months, my interest of sewing clothing for myself has increased.  Now, I sew pillows, curtains and other items for my home, but I haven’t had the courage to sew clothes for myself. Sometimes I find it a little challenging understanding pattern instructions.  I came across this wonderful blogger MiMi G Style and have been obsessed.  I just love her style and her teaching tutorials.  They are really easy to follow.

I’ve decided to sew a few summer pieces following two of her tutorials on YouTube and in her Blog.  The first is a maxi skirt.

DIY skirt edit



I also made an easy knit pencil skirt (warning it’s made to hug the body).

DIY Pencil Skirt edit

It’s a stretch knit with stripes on one side and polka dots on the other.

What I also like about the blogger is she now has an App in iTunes and Google Play where you can communicate with other sewer and ask questions. You have an entire community giving tips and encouragement.

Have you thought about sewing your own clothing?