Hey Guys!!!!

This week’s treasure came from out of the garage. I barely visit the garage because it’s so much going on in there. When we moved in the house, it was packed with 30 years of memories and we moved a lot of my husband’s parent’s things in the garage until we can go through it. Needless to say we never did. The garage already had a pile of things in there, but we added a lot more from the basement. It’s overwhelming.

I’ve decided to look around and see what I can find because I’m working on the Office/guest room challenge this month and I really do not want to spend a lot of money. I like to use what I have first and then buy the remaining items needed. Well, I found these items for the project.

IMG_4456 (2)


IMG_4454 (2)

I’m thinking about using the long white board as a desk.  Hopefully, this project will look nice….crossing my fingers.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the shuttles or the crates, but tune and find out.


Treasure Tuesday

Hi All,

IMG_4007 edited

Did you miss me?  I know it’s been a while, but I’m here…..I here now (Oprah voice).  I’m here with another treasure found at the Goodwill.  With this digital age we live in now, some of us do not use books anymore.  Actually I found myself at the books store today and I picked up this interesting book and put it back because I figured I would get it cheaper on my Kindle.  Well, I was in Goodwill a couple of weeks ago and decided to check out the book section.  I don’t formally go there because it’s usually a crowd in this section and I don’t have the energy to argue with another over space, so just avoid the section.  Well, this day it was empty, so why not check it out.  Some of my favorite books to buy are cookbooks so naturally that’s what I was looking for and I found these two.

Thrifty Treasures


Have you ever taken off the protective cover?  You should because the colors of books are beautiful and they make great decorative pieces.

Thrifty Treasures 02

I used mine on my little side table to add a little more color to the room.  Now, I know they’re cookbooks and they belong in the kitchen, but they are pretty where they are for now.

IMG_4010 edit

Oh, by the way, these books were only $.50 each. A very inexpensive accessory with a lot of impact.




What’s Up Everyone!


I was donating some clothing to the Thrift Store and couldn’t resist taking a stroll down a few isles to see what they had.  All I could find was these little dishes.  I love white dishes because they highlight your food.  I’ve spent less than $3.50 on all pieces.

Thrifty Treasures 03

When I removed the price tag and cleaned them, I discovered they are Crate & Barrel bowls.

Thrifty Treasures 05


These can be used as serving dishes for sauces or ice cream.  They can even be used to hold your everyday jewelry.  For $.39 and $.79 you can not beat it.

I used them to hold the olives for this snack tray.

snack 01 edit



Treasure Tuesday

Do you take your time when you’re in the thrift shop?  Well, I do, especially when I’m by myself.  I walk very slow down each aisle and scan every shelf.  I recently got the chance to sneak out the house and went to one of my favorite thrift shop and I found this lovely mirror  for only $20….yes $20. The framed part of the mirror is wood, but the curvature top is actually plastic.  I’m thinking about using it as a wardrobe mirror for our bedroom or possibly an entryway mirror since I do not have one.  A lady should check out herself in the mirror before she leave the house right?  I don’t know why I don’t have one there. Anyway, I walked passed a group of mirrors and this mirror was sitting in the back and it caught my eye.   I actually walked by it twice and kept picturing what I would do with it, but I knew I would regret leaving it in the store.  The sales clerk pulled if from behind the other mirrors and one of the ladies passing by said she wish she would have seen it first.  I knew I couldn’t leave it. The clerk took it to the register and another lady standing in line also wanted it.  She even gave me pointers on painting it.  I just had to smile. It will be painted as soon as our weather permit…..can’t wait.  I have a lot of paint project lined up, but I’ll bump this one up to the front of the line.


As you can see from this picture we’re still waiting on our baseboard.  Our contractor moved out-of-town and I’m looking for a replacement, but now we have to wait until the weather permit.  So hopefully this project will be completely finish in April or May.

Treasure Tuesday

Frontgate Lantern

Frontgate Lantern

I’ve been wanting these lanterns for several years now, ever since I spotted them in the Frontgate catalog.  The problem was paying the high price for them….just couldn’t do it.  I wanted these for the yard during the summer when we have outdoor grill parties.  I can picture them lighting up the walk path and in clusters of three by the buffet and outdoor dining tables.  I would also use them as lighting on the front porch on Halloween night, or anywhere around the house, really. I just love candle light.

I started collecting these lanterns from thrift shops and stores like HomeGoods, when I find them.  I found this one at my local Goodwill this past weekend for only $6.99.  It’s gold metal and it’s 32″ tall….substantial.  I grabbed it as soon as I saw it.  A lantern this size and material would cost between $69 and $89 at HomeGoods…..SCORE!!!.  It just need a little TLC.  I will be working on this before this summer.

lantern 2

I’m not sure if I want to keep it gold or spray paint it silver.  What do you think?  What would you use it for?

Fab Find: Floor Lamp

My husband inherited this lamp from his grandmother, who he dearly loved.  He really wants to display it somewhere in the house.  I absolutely love it.  I think it will bring nice character to the family room and I know it will make him smile.  It looks like its mid-century modern.  What do you think?  The shape is unique and interesting, but it needs a little TLC.  I need to figure out how to cover the shade and clean up the wood, but I think it’s gorgeous.

Picture 001 Picture 004

My goal is to sand it and apply an Ebony stain.  I would also like to either clean the shade or cover it with linen fabric.  We’ll see.