It’s been a year!  On this day last year I published my first post.  WOW!  It’s been a pleasure writing about some of the things I enjoy and sharing with my readers.  I’ve learned some thing in this year and I’m looking forward to growing.  Thank you very much for sticking with me during this journey.

Well, my first blog post was about the Taste of Chicago and I wanted to show my experience from this year’s Taste.  I wanted to see what I can buy at the Taste for under $20.00.  This amount doesn’t give you much if you’re buying the full portion, but if you try the “Taste” portion, you can get a variety of dishes. The Taste took me down south to Cajunland for the shrimp po-boy, deep south with mustard fried catfish, further south to Mexico for the Tequila-lime marinated chicken tacos and west to Jamaica to taste the jerk chicken with peas and rice.  I topped it off with a nice cool gelato.

To make your mouth water, check out these pictures





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