Where Is My Creativity?

As I mentioned before, I’m in a creative funk.  I have been trying everything to get out of it…..checking out Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram to get some sort of spark of inspiration…..nothing.  I was scrolling through my emails and came across this 30-Day Challenge for the month of June.  I’ve decided to dive into the challenge by Serena at Thrift Diving to get me going.  You can check out the challenge here.  She challenge everyone to dive into transforming that space you’ve been wanting to do, but never got around to do it.  I’ve decided to take the challenge and transform my daughter’s room/guess room/sewing room.  I know a lot of slashes.

Check out the before pictures.  Now beware….this room was my daughter’s room and this is how she left it when she moved out.  I am so embarrassed to even show it because it makes me cringe when I see it.  We usually close the door and pretend it doesn’t exist.  It’s a mess, but it’s wasted space since she moved out.






I told you….A hot mess!

My plan is to have one side of the room as my craft/sewing space and the other side would house the bed. This room gets tons of light which is perfect for my project and I must have a guess bedroom because my entire family lives in other states, so this room has to have slashes. I will post updates weekly, so you can see my progress and that will force me to stay motivated.



7 thoughts on “Where Is My Creativity?

  1. I joined Serena’s challenge too! And I’m redoing my girls room. They keep it a mess so it’s hard to get motivated to finish working on it. So let’s motivate each other! I need a little push to keep going!

    • OMG you are! I’ll have to look for you. I understand how messy girls can be. We have to keep each other motivated. I’m nervous because I have to fly to Houston this weekend for my daughter’s recital, which means I can’t work on it. I’ll have to work double time next week to finish everything. This is really a challenge.

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