Look What I Made: Travel Pouch

Happy Monday!



I’ve been in this sewing stage lately.  I’m dabbling into learning how to sew clothing for myself……I tell you some items I’ve sewn are really funny, but I will keep practicing.  I’m getting refresher courses from YouTube videos and sewing blogs and it’s been blast….I’ve even joined a Facebook sewing group….too funny.  I can sew basics, but when it comes to reading a clothing pattern, I get a little lost with some of the terminology.  Well, the instructions for this pouch was found (here). 

I’ve decided to make a small pouch for my jewelry, since I will be traveling more this year. My jewelry usually end up in my old clear pouch, which I’ve had for years…..time to update.  I really like the way it came out, and I also made one for my Kindle Fire. It also helps me practice with sewing zippers.

Note:  As you can see, I’ve tried two different lining fabrics.  The jewelry pouch lining is the velvet from one of my pillows (here).  It was too thick, so I changed it for the Kindle pouch to satin lining and this was too thin. I would change the lining fabric or eliminate it all together because the plaid fabric is already has weight to it.


2 thoughts on “Look What I Made: Travel Pouch

  1. Lovely! I don’t use jewellery (AT ALL, much to the dismay of my mom and aunts), but if I did, I would love to carry it around in this pouch. It’s a rather fitting case for what it holds!

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