Valentine Project for the Kids

Hi All,

Every year for Valentine’s Day I’m usually so focused on getting our plans together for our anniversary and I end up getting my son’s classroom Valentine’s gifts at the last minutes….usually the night before.  Well, this time I decided to make them and they were actually done this past weekend….woohoo.   I decided to make these candy and heart flowers for the girls.  What girl does not like to receive flowers right?

Valentine Candy

This project really didn’t take too much time to make and I really didn’t need too many items.

I used:

Office file folder, heart stickers (Dollar General), scrapbook paper sheets (Michaels), “Heart” punch (Michaels) sorry I didn’t have a pictures similar here, regular hole punch, “Dum Dum” lollipops and scotch tape.

Valentine Candy 8

Valentine Candy 5

Valentine Candy 6

I punched out hearts using the different paper and then punched a small hole at the bottom of the heart to insert the lollipop stick.  The glitter hearts are stickers, so I placed that one on the stick first and secured the other hearts to the back of each side of the sticker. Once all three hearts are placed on the stick, secure with a strip of scotch tape at the base of the heart and roll it around the stick to make is just a tad bit thicker than the hole.  That’s it!  Pretty simple right?

Valentine Candy 4


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