Love and Live Pink Pillow Project

I wanted to share with you guys another pillow I made….I know I know another pillow, but you will see a lot of pillows from me.   I just love making them because I love how they can change the room, and they are a very easy cost-effective home accessory to make with a lot of impact.

Live Pink 2 Edit

This pillow was inspired by my good friends at be happy live pink. If you have not visited their website, you have to check it out.  It’s a uniquely trendy clothing and accessory online boutique that carries the latest clothing trend, jewelry, scarves and even cute girly iPhone 5 cases. Check them out!

I just have to tell you items I just love.  I know you didn’t ask me, that’s ok.  I’m loving the Floral Cut Out Peplum (here), the Knit with Zipper accents (here), the leather jogger pants (here), the printed Cami jumpsuit (here), the Rhinestone studded 2 piece jogging set (here), and I also love the girly iPhone 5 cases (here)……aren’t they cute? Check out their website @ be happy live pink and tell me what you think.

Well, here are the Pillow Details:

The Pillow insert is 12″x 16″, fabric is a cerisa velvet (very soft) and a 16″ pink zipper.  The fabric was cut with an inch seam allowance which is 13″x17″, and I created a stencil for the letters on my printer.  They are actually 3 inches in length.  The “Live Pink” was printed on a 11 1/2 x 17″ copy paper and transferred to freezer paper.  Did you know you can actually iron the freezer paper stencil “glossy side down, onto your fabric and it keeps the stencil in place when it’s time to paint onto your fabric?  Just use another fabric between the iron any the paper. Just a little tip for you.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to iron on this fabric because of the texture, so I just taped it in place and traced the words onto the fabric.

I decided to use sequins, glitter and of course pink.  The “Live” word is filled in by gluing individual sequins using fabric glue, and the “Pink” word is filled in using Martha Stewart all-purpose glitter paint.

By the way, I also made the faux fur pillow behind it.  I actually made that for my bedroom, but I just love it in the family room.


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