Treasure Tuesday

Do you take your time when you’re in the thrift shop?  Well, I do, especially when I’m by myself.  I walk very slow down each aisle and scan every shelf.  I recently got the chance to sneak out the house and went to one of my favorite thrift shop and I found this lovely mirror  for only $20….yes $20. The framed part of the mirror is wood, but the curvature top is actually plastic.  I’m thinking about using it as a wardrobe mirror for our bedroom or possibly an entryway mirror since I do not have one.  A lady should check out herself in the mirror before she leave the house right?  I don’t know why I don’t have one there. Anyway, I walked passed a group of mirrors and this mirror was sitting in the back and it caught my eye.   I actually walked by it twice and kept picturing what I would do with it, but I knew I would regret leaving it in the store.  The sales clerk pulled if from behind the other mirrors and one of the ladies passing by said she wish she would have seen it first.  I knew I couldn’t leave it. The clerk took it to the register and another lady standing in line also wanted it.  She even gave me pointers on painting it.  I just had to smile. It will be painted as soon as our weather permit…..can’t wait.  I have a lot of paint project lined up, but I’ll bump this one up to the front of the line.


As you can see from this picture we’re still waiting on our baseboard.  Our contractor moved out-of-town and I’m looking for a replacement, but now we have to wait until the weather permit.  So hopefully this project will be completely finish in April or May.


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