Easy Holiday Napkin Rings

Napkin Rings holder

As a DIYer, I always try to figure out a way to make some of the things I want. I gave my self a challenge to make something for my dining room table with items in my scrap container. I decided to make napkin holders for my Christmas place setting.

I knew I wanted to use this blue velvet fabric scraps because it coordinated with the family/dining room.  I purchased the green brads at Michael’s on clearance for $.99 about two months ago, and I used the paper towel cardboard roll.

IMG_3066 (2)

Other items needed are and X-Acto knife, measuring tape and spray adhesive.

IMG_3068 (2)  IMG_3067 (2)

First I measured the length of the ring 1 1/2 inches wide and marked my lines with a Sharpie using the tape measure as my guide.

Cut the fabric with 1/3 of an inch allowance on each side.  Spray back side of the fabric, apply to cardboard and tuck in sides.  Pierce the center of the cardboard with the X-Acto knife to insert the brad and open brackets to secure…..and you’re done.  Very easy project.

Close Up of Napkin Ring

Napkin holder project

This project took less than 20 minutes to complete all six rings and it only cost less than $2.


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