Beginning to Look Like Christmas

With the help of my little one, our tree is finally up. I’m still loving the green, blue, pink and purple ornaments I started collecting two years ago…..they are fun and vibrant.  I love decorating for Christmas. I try to involve the family, but it’s usually just the two of us and my husband would step in when we’re done and put the star on top.


Taking inventory of my tree decorations

Christmas Ornaments

One of my holiday decorations.  I actually found this at New Uses store for $2.00

Christmas Tree #3

Our Tree!

tree ornaments

After decorating the tree all day, I still feel like it needs more.  Do you ever feel that way?


2 thoughts on “Beginning to Look Like Christmas

  1. Omgosh! I love all the vibrant colors. So pretty. I still feel like my tree needs more but I’m resisting. I’ll buy more ornaments next year and eventually I’ll have the tree of my dreams. Lol!

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