Transform my Serving Tray

Happy Happy Happy Happy Friday!!!!!  I wanted to share a quick post with you guys.


I purchased this serving tray from New Uses about a month ago for $5.  It’s cute the way it is, but I wanted to change the color.  It really didn’t match this room’s décor, so I painted it.


Some of you may know, I’m in the Windy City, and spray painting in 40 degree weather is really not a good idea, especially when the wind is blowing…..LOL.  While I was outside painting, my husband peeked out of the window as shook his head and laugh.  I didn’t care, I was determined to paint this tray before the weather really gets bad.  It actually took 3 coats of paint.



I currently use it on my bar for entertaining. I love the pop of color.





2 thoughts on “Transform my Serving Tray

  1. I love that pop of green! I’m trying to bring in a little more green but I’m afraid to go that bold. That small pop is perfect! And I’m with you on painting in bad conditions. I just did that yesterday. I was freezing, but it got done!

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