Holiday Illumination


We’re getting into the holiday spirit around here.  Every year we take the little one to see Christmas lights somewhere in our area.  I’ve been trying to make the Magnificent Mile Light Festival since I moved here, but I still haven’t made it….one day.  We took our son to see Illumination at The Morton Arboretum.  According to the literature, “It’s an internationally recognized non-profit outdoor museum working to build a greener, healthier more beautiful world by conserving and caring for trees.  It was amazing.

We actually had a great time.  I believe my husband and I were just as excited as our son.  It’s amazing how the movement of light could excite you, yet calm your spirit.

The exhibit is a foot walk through the walk path of the park. Strolling down the park’s walk path, you will pass through Treeflections and Tinsel Colonnade, which is lights and sounds that are cascaded down tree branches.  We made it to the Tree Harmony sections, this is one of my son’s favorite sections.  This is where you sing into a microphone and the colors on the tree changes.  Check out some our pictures.

You even get a chance to huge a tree and it lights up.

IMG_2898  IMG_2887

This was a nice interactive light exhibit for the little ones and the children at heart.


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