My First Pumpkin Carving

We have been preparing all week for the big day tomorrow…..Halloween!  I remember as a child Halloween was my second favorite holiday behind Christmas….of course.  I loved the excitement of finding a costume with my mom or making our own costumes when times got rough. I would race home from school to put my costume on and wait anxiously for the street lights to came on.  That was our signal that’s it time to go trick or treating.  Back then we, actually went at night in our neighborhood, I guess because everyone knew each other and it was safe.

The only thing my parents never did was pumpkin carving and decorating.  It just wasn’t a tradition in our family.  This year is my first year actually carving a pumpkin, and I must say, my son and I had fun doing this project together.  I didn’t realize how easy it was.  I would have done this a long time ago. 

First, I bought a large pumpkin and purchased the two piece carving kit. I also decided to purchase the cut out stencils just to make it easier because it was my first.


My son wanted this pumpkin to have the letter “K” because of his name.  He said this was his pumpkin, so I just taped the stencil to the pumpkin and started cutting.  Now, the instructions said we should trace the image, but I did it my own way.  It was just easier to cut with the paper, besides, I knew I wasn’t going to use this stencil again.


My son was excited about removing the insides with the ice cream scooper, and I used the tool that came with the kit to scrape the sides to be an inch thick after he removed all the seeds.


This is what we ended up with.  We both were so excited.  I could not believe it turned out so nice. 


I cleaned it up a bit and placed a candle inside to see how it will look at night on our porch tomorrow.


It’s not scary, but it’s definitely cool!






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