Halloween Skull….Bling! Bling!

Since we are now in October, I have been thinking about Halloween decorating.  I use to decorate for Halloween BS (before softball). Now I have some of my time back, I can decorate.  I’m usually going to softball tournaments every weekend for two months during this time…..Not this year!  Hey, maybe next year I can plan that masquerade party I’ve been wanting to have for the longest.  Wait, what day does Halloween fall on next year….any way.

Back to my little craft project for this week.  I was in my local craft store a couple of weeks ago and stumbled across this paper skull and thought I could do something with that.  It was only $1.99 and I’m sure I have something at home I could use to make it look nice.  This is what I did.



I want to glam it up a bit to fit my decor.  I found glitter from a previous project and my handy ModPod glue. 



Do you like?  I’m going to place in on my console table in my entryway. I just love this color.


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