Happy Halloween!!

I hope everyone have a safe Halloween!  Don’t eat too much candy. I wanted to post a few pictures of my little monster.  We had fun in Target a couple of weeks ago.






By the way, after all of this, he decided to be a tiger….LOL!


My First Pumpkin Carving

We have been preparing all week for the big day tomorrow…..Halloween!  I remember as a child Halloween was my second favorite holiday behind Christmas….of course.  I loved the excitement of finding a costume with my mom or making our own costumes when times got rough. I would race home from school to put my costume on and wait anxiously for the street lights to came on.  That was our signal that’s it time to go trick or treating.  Back then we, actually went at night in our neighborhood, I guess because everyone knew each other and it was safe.

The only thing my parents never did was pumpkin carving and decorating.  It just wasn’t a tradition in our family.  This year is my first year actually carving a pumpkin, and I must say, my son and I had fun doing this project together.  I didn’t realize how easy it was.  I would have done this a long time ago. 

First, I bought a large pumpkin and purchased the two piece carving kit. I also decided to purchase the cut out stencils just to make it easier because it was my first.


My son wanted this pumpkin to have the letter “K” because of his name.  He said this was his pumpkin, so I just taped the stencil to the pumpkin and started cutting.  Now, the instructions said we should trace the image, but I did it my own way.  It was just easier to cut with the paper, besides, I knew I wasn’t going to use this stencil again.


My son was excited about removing the insides with the ice cream scooper, and I used the tool that came with the kit to scrape the sides to be an inch thick after he removed all the seeds.


This is what we ended up with.  We both were so excited.  I could not believe it turned out so nice. 


I cleaned it up a bit and placed a candle inside to see how it will look at night on our porch tomorrow.


It’s not scary, but it’s definitely cool!





Ghost Pancakes for Halloween

Picture 021


My son absolutely love pancakes.  He asked for them every Saturday morning, so since Halloween is coming soon, I decided to make ghost shaped pancakes.  Why not have fun with your food.  I couldn’t find any ghost shaped cookies cutters, so I just free-handed the shape with a regular spoon.

This recipe will make more than enough pancakes.  I only use enough for about 6 and store the rest of the batter in plastic containers for later.  You may store the dry batter for up to 3 months.

Here we go:

4 cups AP flour

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 cup of sugar

To serve 6 ghost pancakes I use:

1 cup pancake batter

1 egg

1/2 cup buttermilk

blueberries for the eyes

4 tablespoon of melted butter

Mix all ingredients together with a large spoon. Grease pan with a little butter and spoon in pancake mix and make desired shape.  Once pancakes are cooked on one side, turn over and make the eyes with blueberries. 

The littlest things can make a 5 years old smile from ear to ear.  His face lit up when I placed his plate in front of him at the breakfast table.  Priceless!


Gotta Geaux to Pappadeaux

As you know by now, I love Cajun food.  My husband was in the mood for some Cajun food and we wanted to go out this time.  We decided to go to Pappadeaux. Have you heard of it?  If you haven’t been there, you have to go.  The food very close to what you’ll find in New Orleans…..poboys, gumbo, seafood platters etc…  Well, It’s enough to satisfy the craving until I can make it back home.

20131011_204813 (1)

The atmosphere and decor definitely remind me of a restaurant in the french quarters.  From the courtyard in the entry to the gas lanterns on the walls, and of course the iron fence.

First, we ordered our Pina Coladas….we always get this.  Then we needed to decided our appetizers.  Sooooo many choices, but we decided to try something different.  We shared the coconut shrimp with slaw and sauce.  As we waited for the appetizers, our waiter served some warm french bread and butter. In New Orleans we usually have a container of Lance cracker and butter or french bread and butter on the table.

I could have eaten another order of these shrimp.  OMG this was so good.  I wanted the last one but to be fair I ate two and my husband would eat the other two :(.

It was so much on the menu, it was hard to figure out what to order as my entrée, but I settled on the shrimp creole and grits. Doesn’t it look good.  Creole sauce, onions, large shrimp and creamy savory grits with tasso ham.

Pappadeaux Shrimp Creole & Grits

Pappadeaux Shrimp Creole & Grits

My husband chose the Seafood Platter with fried tilapia, shrimp, crab cakes, stuffed shrimp and stuffed crab with french fries.


I was so full, I didn’t even order dessert which I regret.  I wanted the Praline Bread Pudding Souffle to go.  It’s served with vanilla ice cream and bourbon sauce.  Bourbon sauce….love it love it love it.

Have you been to Pappadeaux?  What’s your favorite Cajun restaurant in your area?

Sorry about the pictures, I had to use my camera phone.

The Beach in Riviera Maya

Moon Light Beach

I wish I could be here for the rest of my life.  This picture was taken the first night on the patio of the El Pescador seafood restaurant…..love the view.

The hotel in which we stayed on our Annual Girl’s Getaway vacation was the Occidental Grand Xcaret Resort and it’s adjacent to the Eco-Archeological Xcaret Park, so we are surrounded by trees.  You have to walk or take the golf carts down different paths that’s surrounded by trees to get to your destination.  The next morning, we decided to go to the beach and ended up taking the extended golf cart.  We are just riding through (what seems like a jungle) and the driver stopped at this beautiful site.


The view was breath-taking.  I could have stayed here the entire trip. 


Fish in Water1

Relaxing on the beach

The sun was bright, the wind was blowing and the bar was open…..Perfect afternoon!

Cancun Vacation 2013

I was so excited about getting away with my friends of over 20 years.  We vacation together once a year to catch up with the latest and unwind.  It’s a time to relax and step away for a moment from the busy home life and recharge ourselves. 

Look at the beautiful view from one of the restaurants. Breath taking…

View from the restaurant

View from the restaurant

This year we decided to go to Cancun, Mexico.   I’m surprised I’ve never been to Cancun. We chose the all-inclusive Occidental Xcaret Resort in Riviera Maya.  It has some pros and cons but over all it was really nice.

Our car pulled up to the hotel under this beautiful site.  I was amazed by the height of the grand ceiling and the beautiful wood.

IMG_2357 IMG_2353

The lobby is very inviting with the sound of water, the architecture and the natural hues.  It pulls you in to relax and that’s what we did this entire trip. 


The lobby reminded me of the feeling we had walking into our old apartment in New Orleans.  The pallet was neutral with a pop of color here and there.  I had three large, tall candles near the door, so when we walked in I could immediately light them.  I also placed a small waterfall on the console table in the entryway.  I definitely need to implement this into our current place.  I don’t know why I haven’t. The sound of moving water and lit candles changes my mood.  It allows me to unwind, relax and leave the day’s issues at the door.  That’s exactly what I did walking into the hotels lobby.

The Start of the Girl’s Weekend Getaway

Hi All!

I haven´t posted because I´m on my annual girl’s getaway trip in Cancun.  I’ve never been to Cancun and it is beautiful out here.  I will definitely have a post about my experiences and lots of pictures. I have limited access to the web, so I’m unable to post.  This was my first post on the second day….I’m sure it will not post right away because of the bad WiFi here.   I have a few pictures I wanted to send…..check them out!