Family Room Update #2

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to give you an update on our family room.  The floors are in!!!! This was a difficult decision for me.  We had to make adjustments to the floor budget because we went totally over budget with the walls and ceiling.  I have been praying for a miracle to find something that’s within my very small budget and one day my contractor gave us a deal on these carpet tiles….I guess he felt sorry for us walking around on the dirty black carpet stained with paint. My husband had to pull up the carpet and prep the floors for install the next day and I will tell you, that was a lot of work.  I had to give him a couple of Back & Body pain meds that night….LOL!  He pulled up the carpet, padding and staples, then he had to sweep and mop the sub floors to make sure it was super clean.  I believe that took him about 3 hours to complete. 

The next evening the 24×24 grey carpet squares were installed.  First, he measured the room and located the center and marked that location.  Then, he placed the glue in small sections and he placed the tiles in a checker board design. It’s as simple as that.  This process may have taken 3 hours because it’s a large room, that’s all.   I watched the installation and I believe I can try it on my own in a much smaller room, maybe my office……Thanks an idea….oh honey! 


Family Room 053

I was nervous about the decision to go with these tiles because I wasn’t sure if it would be too hard for a family room, but we absolutely love it.

Tell me what you think?  Have you installed carpet tiles before? 

Instructions on how to install carpet squares from Ehow.



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