What a Find!

Don’t you love it when you stumble upon something you didn’t expect…..I do, especially when it’s a great deal.

Well, I was walking past Nine West during lunch and noticed this big pink Sale sign in the window.  When I focused on the store, I noticed the shelves were not full.  Nosy me, wanted to see what was going on.  Found out this store location was closing and they were getting rid of all their inventory. Every shoe in the store was $29.99…..YES $29.99!!! Well, my size is usually the first to go, so I didn’t expect to find much, but found two pair of shoes that I absolutely loved, so I asked the sales person for my size and crossed my fingers.  When she turned the corner with those boxes, my heart was pounding with excitement.  These were the last two pair and they were my size.  It was like they were just waiting for me to rescue them…….Heaven!!!  Tell me what you think!

Nine West "Gerry" 


Nine West "Fanesa"

(Fanesa) Just in time for fall.

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