Weekend in Houston

Traveled to Houston this past weekend to celebrate my niece and sister’s birthday….Happy Birthday Gabbie and Quinese!!!!!! My little Gabbie girl celebrated her 5th birthday at Chuck e Cheese with family and friends and we had a really nice time.  We saved up some energy to celebrate my sister’s birthday later that evening at Ra Sushi. This restaurant has that sexy club vibe, especially with the dance music playing in the background. We had a blast and laughed the entire night.  Either at one of the girls standing up dancing at the table in the middle of eating dinner or at something funny Christal said. This was a nice getaway spent with the most lively crew I’ve been around in a long time.

Christal, Quinese &  Jene

Christal, Quinese & Jene

I finally got a chance to try something I never had before….Sushi…I know right…I never had the guts to try it.  When I thought of Sushi, I always associated raw fish with it, and I’m not eating raw fish.  I didn’t know I could get the shellfish version, and you know I love me some seafood.  So I tried it.

Well first, we started the evening with drinks…..since it was happy hour.  Well, the end of happy hour and we tried to get the waitress to give us two at a time, but she couldn’t 😦

Frozen Fuzzy Momo Bellini

Frozen Fuzzy Momo Bellini

Then we had appetizers

Viva Las Vegas RollsTootsy Maki

Viva Las Vegas Rolls & Tootsy Maki

Our entrée’s

Lobster RollsBonafire Shrimp

Lobster Rolls & Bonafire Shrimp

and finally our waitress, Chris, surprised my sister with a birthday dessert, which was delish!!!



Cinnamon Tempura Gelato

This was delicious, actually everything was delicious and I had great time with great company.   I will definitely take my husband for a date night at the location in Chicago.  Have you tried it?

Thanks girls for a great weekend with friends and family!!!


5 thoughts on “Weekend in Houston

  1. Ok, so how was the sushi? I’m like you with the thought process…but when I actually tried it, I think my mind was in control bc I couldn’t get it down. I gagged like 3 or 4 times while Raymond sat looking and waiting for it to come out! He thought it was funny but I did not.

  2. I really had a GREAT time at RA! Everything we had was uhmmmm goooddd! Yeah and the laughs make the food taste even better!!

  3. I enjoyed this weekend with the girls at RA. Food, drinks, atmosphere is always great! This was my third time visiting in two months. RA is becoming one of my favorite spots to kool out at!

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