Thrift Store Finds

When I travel I love to stop in a Thrift store or Goodwill just to see what I find in different areas. I love the hunt and surprise of it. When we went to Indianapolis this summer, I found a few things. Since I had two hours to waste between softball games, I decided to take a ride to see what’s in the area. I stumbled upon this place, the Goodwill Outlet.

Goodwill Outlet

I was sitting in my car trying to figure out if I really want to go in. While I was sitting there, I noticed several people walking in with gloves on……what is this about? Well I decided, what the heck….lets see what’s going on. I walked in and was immediately overwhelmed. The merchandise is dumped in these large bins with no organization….this makes me crazy. I can’t function without some sort of organization. With some hesitation I decided to take a look anyway. I walked down each isle and scanned some bins, but I only found on thing…this bathroom towel holder. The Fleur di Lis caught my eye, so I had to purchase it and besides we are working on revising our bathroom anyway. This would be a little touch of home. It was $3.99 and I couldn’t beat that….in the basket it goes. I didn’t see anything else, so I headed to the register.

Fleur di lisTowel Holder

I’m in line and I notice this scales on the counter and I was puzzled. What’s the point? Before the cashier rang up my item, she placed it on the scale and said $.50. What? $.50. Yes! you pay by the once. Great deal!!!! Do you like?

I also stumbled upon this store called, Thrifty Threads. It’s a little thrift store in a strip mall next to a book store.  I wish I had more time to look, but it started raining and the second game was cancelled, which means I had to pick up my husband and daughter from the field, but I was able to snag this cutie.

Dooney & Burke Slingback20130628_151829


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