New Orleans Style Snow Balls

We traveled to Columbus, Ohio for yet another softball tournament.  This time we really didn’t get a chance to explore the city and find a touch of home, New Orleans.  But to my surprise , it came to us.  First off let me tell you, Columbus was hot, I believe it was in the 90s.  My son and I sat in the car with the air blasting before we got the courage to sit outside and watch a game.  I noticed a nice spot under a tree to set up our chair and watch. I was so focused on getting that shaded spot, I didn’t really pay attention to the snow cone stand near by.  I thought it was one of those snow cones you find in Chicago with crushed ice in a cooler and  6 main flavors, so I just ignored the place.

Well after the game, while waiting for the team, we walked over to the stand because it was hot.  To my surprise it was the New Orleans style SNOWBALL!  OMG! OMG!  I got excited.  They offered over 100 flavors, but I had to get my favorite…..grape & strawberry. This piece of heaven reminds me of summer time in NOLA…..Thanks!!!

I wish I took more pictures of the list of flavors, but I was so hot, I forgot….sorry!


6 thoughts on “New Orleans Style Snow Balls

  1. H-town suffers with those Chi-Town sno-balls too; chopped ice, five flavors, and no juice.. People, people, people…the best part of the sno-ball is the juice!

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