Taste of Chicago: Opening Day!

I created this blog to journal the different ideas inside me.  I like many different creative outlets, so it was extremely diffcult to narrow it down to just one or two things.  So what the heck, I decided to journal all the creativity inside me.  I can’t help it….I’m a Gemini.  I enjoy food, traveling, fashion and decorating….oh and I love to create on a budget.  With two children, one going off to college this year and the other going to kindergarten (I know crazy right), I have to budget.

 I would like to attempt to capture everything inside me….Nikki Thomas    


Homemade Potato chips

Homemade Potato chips

I’m going to start with my favorite…..FOOD!  The 2013 Taste of Chicago started this weekend.!  Whoo!!!! Every year I have to get the mustard fried catfish from BJ’s Market , so I decided to head to the taste for lunch.  I got my tickets (12 for $8) and searched for BJs, thank goodness it wasn’t far.  Of course, I got the catfish and noticed this mountain of potatoes….it’s potatoes chips.  They actually make homemade white potatoes chips and sweet potato chips.  I only tried a few….too much for me to have my own batch……Delish!!!!  I have seven tickets left, so I found the Franco’s Ristorante booth and got the portion size lemon Italian ice….great companion for the nice walk back to work.  I love this stuff, it reminds me a little of the snowballs we have back home in New Orleans.  


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